SIR – As a national greyhound protection organisation we would like to congratulate Pip Singleton, who has been running Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue for 27 years, for winning an International Fund for Animal Welfare award (“Dogs’ best friend earns an award”, Worcester News, October 26).
EGLR do excellent work, but sadly they, and the many other greyhound rescues throughout the country, are only able to save a small percentage of the thousands of dogs discarded by the racing industry every year.
Tragically, most of these unwanted greyhounds end up being put to death by breeders or trainers, if they prove to be unsuitable for racing or when their careers on the tracks come to an end.
Members of the public can help prevent this horrific situation by not attending or betting on greyhound racing, so this appalling death-industry fades away through lack of financial support.
Action for Greyhounds

Pensioners would lose out if we left the EU
SIR – Referring to Wendy Hands’ letter, Worcester News, October 27.
Doesn’t she realise if we left the European Union, we are due to be in a worse situation.
I wish people today would think things through before opening their mouth. Everyone will be £1,000 per annum worse off. 
Obviously she has no thought for us pensioners, we’ve done our bit, it’s time to slow down and take life easy, and to know, if we leave the European Union, a lump of our pension will be taken away. These MPs are paid far too much as it is, the poverty line is a long way off Ms Hands.  
Let’s leave it that way, perhaps you will realise when you start drawing your pension, at the moment, the Conservatives are doing a fair job, why not express your views direct to David Cameron, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA like I do.

Who is to blame for this waste of money?
SIR – So Worcester County council has just wasted £800,000 plus the developers costs, so could top £1 million when all said and done. So if the report in the  is accurate, I think it is blatantly obvious that this case could never be won.
Because of stupidity the developers took you to the cleaners and so did the barristers. Now if I cost my employers £800,000, I don’t think I would still be employed. Who made this ridiculous decision and what was their punishment. 

Government riding roughshod over us
SIR – Who do they think they are, this Government of ours?  Elected with the support of only 24 per cent of voters, they seem to think they now have a divine right to force their policies through against all opposition.  In the case of Tax Credits, on the basis of a lie, a promise given by David Cameron before the election and now broken.
When the House of Lords acts to make them think again, the hissy fit of outrage is deafening.  Good on you I say to their Lordships, we need more people prepared to stand up against measures that will steal £1,300 a year average from two million families!  It’s a sorry day when Government resorts to bullying and revenge against the House of Lords rather than governing in the interests of all the people.
But when did a Tory Government govern in the interests of everyone and not just a rich elite?  Probably, the nearest they came was the Coalition when Liberal Democrats kept them in check and stopped many right-wing policies going ahead.
Now, instead of accepting that their policy of Tax Credit cuts is wrong, unjust and hits the poorest sections of society the hardest, they’re going to put their effort into a Review charged with finding ways to clip the House of Lord’s wings.  
Shouldn’t we, the people, have a say in this?
If anyone needs his wings clipped it is George Osborne!
Wychavon Councillor for Pershore (Lib-Dem)

NHS services are finally falling apart
SIR – It is clear to all the current state of the NHS is failing, and starting to fall apart. Two thirds of NHS hospitals are failing patients. Three quarters are found to be unsafe, millions of pounds are being thrown away through poor management, are top heavy with pen pushers and do not have enough trained staff.There are doctors and nurses treating patients who simply cannot speak competent English.
This is about numbers.Nothing proves more clearly for this country to leave the EU. Lives are being put at risk ,with the amount of immigrants coming here and using NHS services. we simply cannot cope.

My uncle’s nickname remains a mystery
SIR – Last week in his column (Worcester News, October  24), Dave Bradley mentioned names given to people in and around Martley, one was my uncle Tom (Sneddy Wilcox). He lived with my parents for many years, as he was single, but I, his niece who was brought up with him never knew why he was called ‘Sneddy’ either.