SIR – I agree with the article on the front of your recent publication about Astwood Cemetery. On my last visit I notice all the bins had been removed!
I was attending my grandparents’ grave and wondered where to put the rubbish. Luckily I was taught and taught my children to take our rubbish home with us but I can see why some rubbish had been dumped.
Also I was attending an ex colleague’s funeral. Now due to the new opening Bishop Perowne children were cutting through the cemetery and not being respectable.
On another visit I attended my daughter’s grave which is in an old part of the cemetery, where the church used to be and noticed the grass was very long.

Bill to restore NHS as an accountable service
SIR – Green MP Caroline Lucas is presenting the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 for its second reading in March. In short, the Bill proposes to fully restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing 25 years of marketization in the NHS. The NHS Reinstatement Bill would halt the privatisation of the NHS and restore to the Secretary of State for Health the duty to provide a comprehensive, universal health service. This duty was removed by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. In July 2011, Robin Walker MP said: “The NHS should remain national, public and free. Sometimes people accuse us (the Government) of wanting to privatise the NHS…I don’t want to see the NHS changed beyond recognition or cut.” If he believes that ‘the NHS should remain national, public and free’, he will support the NHS Reinstatement Bill. If he does not support the Bill, perhaps he would care to explain this to us.
Worcester Green Party

Planners have a lack of foresight on A4440
SIR – The planners in charge of the development of the A4440 have not learned anything from the alterations to this road. They are lacking not only in imagination but from a dreadful lack of foresight. True the original planners failed to create a proper road system when this road was first engineered and failed to allow for the development of the area which would place considerable strain on their future planning.
There is however a simple solution to the increasing congestion on the lower stretch of this busy road and that is to open the traffic islands at the Ketch and Norton lane allowing motorway headed traffic unhindered passage to the traffic island which leads onto the motorway at junction seven. 
Remarks by the leader of Malvern Hills District Council that they will with the help of a government grant make the Carrington Bridge in to a dual carriageway singularly ignores the fact that such alterations will not relieve the congestion and naively panders to the electorate.

Is a religious approach to EU unacceptable?
SIR – The letter from David Barlow referring to the Brexit Brigade of which I count myself part as “mob-handed” ( “of lower orders”, “rabble”, “tumultuous crowd”, “promiscuous assembly of people”), nothing so much as a religious sect or cult (“system of religious worship”, “devotion” ).
He says that daring even to cast a teeny bit of doubt on their claims seems to be akin to questioning a fundamentalist Christian on the biblical  7-day creation story.  Is a religious approach to the subject of the EU unacceptable to him? 
He says the bottom line is that no-one loves the EU as much as the haters hate it.  On the other hand he has doubts   conceding that the EU is deeply but not fatally flawed and that on the whole it might be sensible to get stuck in and help to make it work better in the interests of all.
He emphasises that he has never written pro-actively in favour of the EU but simply tried to raise some ambiguities, complexities, broader perspectives and occasional points of fact with the “zealous antis”. 
In my humble opinion hatred is negative, corrosive  and unproductive.  As a Brexit supporter I am driven by the belief  that the European Union is now an anomaly and I fear that reform from within a typically Liberal Democrat (cop-out?) now attracts little or no support from many Tories, Labour people or UKIP  and for my part I am happy to accept the description “sealot” if the dictionary defines it as “earnestness  or fervour  in advancing a cause or rendering a service,  hearty and persistent endeavour”.

Re-Enactors grateful for support from city
SIR – As chairman of Worcester Re-Enacters I would like to thank all the people of the city for their support for our show over the past weekend. 
The weather wasn’t too comfortable for visiting and talking to the various groups at the Commandery and Tudor House. 
However,  each time I looked the area was busy with visitors. 
We also  appreciate the support from various cafes and shops for helping to warm us up, some historic clothing was not designed for February in Worcester.
Last weekend was our 12th show in the city and it grows in numbers and interest each year. 
I look forward to 2017 with confidence that we will entertain and interest many people again.