SIR – I have been following the WCFC Perdiswell saga over the months and would like to make the following comments.
1. I went to look at the site that is supposed to be for sport/leisure use. Thanks to neglect it is merely one giant canine toilet.
2. The furore over the car parking is spurious. It’s right next door to the old park and ride site. It begs one to wonder if there is a hidden agenda over the future use of that facility.
3. There was a positive vibe regarding this project until Worcester City Council got a new chief executive. One can only draw the conclusion that she has acted on her volition, hence the search for alternative locations.
From my own local government experience she was probably nobbled by several senior members on day one who are opposed to the scheme.

Population needs to be cut to be sustainable 
SIR – I have said, in letter after letter, that “there are too many of us.” I’ve warned many times our infrastructure is collapsing under the numbers of people now living here. Now the rooks are coming home to roost.
We see the consequences of our gross overpopulation in our log jammed roads every day. Now our doctors are saying they cannot keep us safe because they are too overloaded.
   How long are we going to have to wait for those we elect to come to their senses? If they want to add another 100,000 people to our local population, via the 30,000 houses the inspector has just approved, we need double the amount of road space, double the amount of doctors, double the amount of hospital facilities, and double everything else.
As we see, our politicians’ answer is to spread everything a lot more thinly.
There is only one solution and that is to slash our population to long term environmentally sustainable levels.
Sadly our politicians won’t confront that environmental reality. They prefer to live in cloud cuckoo land, so they can cram millions more people into our nation, and thereby go on chucking up the concrete for “growth!”

Vegan agriculture can help to save our planet
SIR – I can’t agree with N Taylor (February 10 ) about there being no truth that veganism can help the planet.
He tells us the New Scientist magazine states that our nation only has the renewable resources to sustain 10 million of us long term. I assume these facts are based on animal farming. Vegan agriculture I’m sure would have different results. 
It’s always been accepted that cattle have to be fed 10lb of grain to produce 1lb of meat. It takes 1,000 litres of water to grow 1 kilo of wheat, but a staggering 15,400 litres to produce the same quantity of beef and more than 1,000 litres are needed for a cow to produce just one litre of milk.
This seems a great strain on our planet. Why waste grain and water on animals when it could feed humans?

MP is not relatable to majority of residents
SIR - I did rather wonder at the time if the Mid-West Conservative Association had chosen the right man in Nigel Huddleston as their prospective Tory MP at the 2015 general election. 
Could they have not found someone who was born and bred in the county, someone who was more representative of them at grassroots level? 
Unfortunately what the electorate in Mid-Worcestershire have now got as an MP is an ex-Google employee who thinks that the tax deal struck up between George Osborne and Google is fine by him. No surprise there then - why bite the hand that was able to amply pay you! 
Nigel, most of the hard working people who elected you as their MP can’t avoid paying tax, that’s fact, that’s an everyday reality.
Also, if Nigel thinks that voting to stay in the EU is best for his children then 54% of the Worcester News readers in their online survey clearly don’t think it’s in their children’s best interests. Nigel’s children will clearly not have the same future struggle as most of his constituents’ children will!  
On a day when Worcestershire’s M5 motorway is at a complete standstill, traffic chaos is everywhere, and the front page of the Worcester News is yet another headline story about our NHS at breaking point, perhaps Nigel might like to encompass the world of reality? 
For all the taxes Worcestershire residents pay I think we, the real people of Worcestershire, would all like to see some reinvestment in the county – giving £53 million to the EU every day of our working lives is absolutely ridiculous! When the referendum eventually takes place, like Nigel, make sure you vote for what you hold most dear. 

MPs undeserving of latest hike in salary
SIR – How can our greedy MPs give themselves another pay rise? They gave themselves a 10% rise only nine months ago, now another £962 a year..
To many they simply don’t earn the money they get now, let alone more. They will still claim for any perk they can get away with – travel expenses, free charity functions etc.
I wonder how many will donate these pay hikes to a charity?