SIR – Having just read your article in the Worcester News I cannot say how incensed it made me.

Of course the bus firm are pleased with their changes which have taken no account of the human interest element.

This is cruelly evident in the axing of the bus which goes up (steep) Hollymount Road then down another very steep road to go onto Ambleside Drive. I live in Ambleside Drive but the loss of this bus service does not affect me in the least as I catch the bus on the main Tolladine Road but I have been on the Hollymount road service on occasion and have noted that quite a lot of the passengers are elderly and will be quite unable to get to the remaining bus service stops and so will be isolated, also young families will find it equally difficult.

This really is penalising people who are of restricted mobility and will have no other options apart from expensive taxis. I don’t feel you can call First Buses a “service” when it is not taking into account the local topography of the city when axing buses.



Mass killing still happens

SIR – I was interested to read your Weekend Nostalgia article about Worcester’s Shambles (“The Shambles was death row for cattle”, April 9).

Members of the public may be relieved to no longer have to witness cattle and sheep being herded to their deaths in the city centre, but that doesn’t mean this mass killing of animals no longer happens. It just takes place elsewhere.

More than 2.5 million cattle and 14 million sheep are put to death in the UK every year, the vast majority as very young animals at less than one tenth of their natural lifespan.

All so horrifically unnecessary, as there is no need for any animals to be reared and slaughtered for human consumption.

We can live perfectly well on a diet free from animal products, which would also benefit the environment and our own health, and, thankfully, more and more people are beginning to realise this and changing their eating habits accordingly.


Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies

Prophets of doom are daft

SIR – In 1999, ‘experts’ were convinced that as the world’s computers clicked into the year 2000, hospitals, offices and factories would be brought to a standstill and aircraft would fall from the skies! Obviously, they were wrong because we all survived the ‘Millennium Bug’. A similar group of prophets of doom are now predicting chaos if we leave the EU.


We prospered after the ‘Bug’ and we will prosper after ‘Brexit’. Independence from the shackles of the EU will enable us to build our own ‘Common Market’ with the whole world.


St Peter’s, Worcester

My opinion on City counts

SIR – I was both staggered and angry to read the letter from Martin Coombs re. Worcester City FC. in the Worcester News (April 19).

To have the impertinence to state that anyone living in St John’s is not entitled to have an opinion defies belief. I suppose that living in a galaxy far away, Malvern means I can’t have one either.

I’ll repeat what I have said before. If the choice is between a football stadium and a giant canine toilet I know what my choice would be.

Clive Smith


Solution clear on Shambles

SIR – I am puzzled why the city council feels the need for a consultation with regard to traffic in Worcester’s Shambles.

The problem and solution are surely obvious? When the shops open at say 9am, then that is when any vehicles should be prohibited. It would be a good idea to extend the ban to push-bikes too if the area is to be truly a pedestrian area and make sure it is enforced.

C D Lee


Stop writing such rubbish!

SIR – Re: Worcester News letters page, April 13.

I see we have to put up with George Cowley’s silly criticism again. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump and why he would like to be President with all his wealth is beyond me, but George, no matter what we say it’s none of our business.

So your three line moan in the paper was pointless, as America is totally different to Britain. Stop writing rubbish!



I look forward to more details

SIR – I thank Mr John Campion for publishing details of his education and previous employment. I look forward to seeing information about the life experience of the other police and crime commissioner candidates in due course.

C Darke