SIR – How can we allow people to sleep in doorways. My husband and I was fortunate to go to Huntingdon Hall to see the Upbeat Beatles on Saturday, April 16 in the warm and having a good time for our 50th anniversary. We left upbeat ourselves. As we came out and walked to our car past Debenhams shop there was a man on the cold steps of the shop asleep with a blanket around him with more holes than you could imagine. I was so taken aback by what we saw. In the car my husband keeps a warm coat, I got the coat and took it to the man and put it over him.

The point is people were just walking by like he did not exist.

Why is is that we can let all the foreigners in, give them houses, money and all at home luxuries that go with it. I’ve seen different nationalities driving big fancy cars which we cannot afford. Why don’t we try to help our own people. Surely they deserve a place to live before foreign nationals.

All people care about is how we are going to house other people. Let’s put our own people first, give them what they deserve.



Farmers need more help

SIR – Having watched the brilliant TV programme Countryfile I was dismayed to see yet another dairy, beef and arable third-generation farmer having to sell up because he is continually losing money.

To my surprise, he said that he was only being paid 17.5 pence a litre for his milk, when I thought that a previous campaign had seen supermarkets and milk goods producers and we the public agreeing to pay more to our dairy farmers.

When I was in a local supermarket on Saturday UHT milk was 49p per litre, and other milk was over £1. So who is getting the money, and why can’t this useless government of ours get off their backsides to address the loss to our farming industries to unfair subsidised EU farmers.

But can they make changes without permission from Brussels?

They (Cameron & Co) are standing/watching our steel go down, and also it seems farming.

We rely on gas from Russia and electricity from France, while shutting down our own coal-fired generators ahead of time, when we have hundreds of years of our own coal, and we import wood chippings from the USA.

Don’t all our politicians need a political boot up the backside?

Brian Hunt


Who is the real vermin?

SIR – Jessica Charles described the seagull that injured her hand in Worcester city centre as “vermin” and “vicious” (“My seagull terror”, WN, April 14).

Could it be, however, that the reason these gulls are in town trying to steal Jessica’s biscuit is because an even more vicious and verminous species of animal, of which she is a member, has depleted their natural food source through industrialised fishing and pollution of the oceans?

Peter Talbot Worcester Don’t try to silence Bishop SIR – How ironic of Carl Mason to dish out some chosen verbal about Gerry Taggart, but he is not very good at taking it himself. His retaliatory letter (of April 13) accused Mr Taggart of writing drivel, being a hypocrite and a threat to democracy.

Mr Mason’s standing for the indigenous British people, has to be seen in the context of his previous letters; for instance in one of his earlier letters he stated that the Bishop of Worcester should not speak in favour of allowing more refugees into this country.

I happen to think that his attempt to stifle the Bishop’s view is equally hypocritical and undemocratic, as his allegations of Mr Taggart. Anyhow, it is part of the bishop’s brief to appeal and speak on behalf of the unfortunate ones of this world, whoever and wherever they happen to be. Not to do so it would be un-Christian and hypocritical of the bishop.

Far be it for me to tell Mr Mason how to speak or write about the indigenous British people. I for one was more than grateful to have a Middle Eastern surgeon to operate and remove my cancer successfully three years ago.

If I was one of the desperate parents crossing the Mediterranean with my family, to escape my country’s civil war or poverty, in order to seek refuge and safety in Europe, I would equally be grateful for the Bishop of Worcester to highlight our plight.

As a member of the indigenous British people, can Mr. Mason bring himself to accept this humanitarian view or as a member of the British Resistance Party, it is a political impossibility?

JR Price


Policing plea

SIR – Re: the elections for police and crime commissioner. Why do most of the candidates align themselves with a political party? Surely policing should be apolitical?



Dump Trump

SIR - Donald Trump is a fool and a clown. Hilary Clinton is a highly articulate, intelligent lady. I do hope (and pray) that Mrs Clinton becomes the next President of the USA. Trump would be an absolute disaster.

George Cowley