SIR – The results of the local elections here in our fair city, and the high turnout which shows that people were actively engaged in the process, is great to see.

How sad then, that Cllr Mark Bayliss, rather than congratulating voters for getting involved, and all the winning candidates of all parties, chooses to engage in hurling insults at the Green councillors in particular, as well as Labour.

A 55 per cent turnout in the Battenhall ward was to be applauded... well by most of us. Not Cllr Bayliss though, who seeks to besmirch the winners, but effectively rubbish those people who voted for him.

Smearing and casting insinuation seems to be prevalent these days... whether it be against serving US presidents, or Muslim mayoral candidates, and is sad to see.

As is Cllr Bayliss’s reaction to losing.

He mentions ducks!

If it looks like a bad loser, talks like a bad loser, and walks like a bad loser it is one.

Don’t you think Cllr Bayliss?

Richard Farrell-Adams

St John’s, Worcester

Don’t judge refugees

SIR – Imagine that most of central and southern England have been affected by a major nuclear incident. Large areas are uninhabitable due to radioactivity and tens of thousands of people are on the move.

The government has lost control so people have armed themselves and law and order has broken down. There is fierce fighting for safe food and shelter, with murders and executions of people caught stealing or trespassing.

What would you do? Would you wait around and hope for the best and if so, for how long? Would you seek refuge by moving your children and family to safety abroad for a while? Where would you go and how would you get there? How would you hope to be treated by the people in the country where you asked for help?

These are just a few questions in response to some of the comments about Syrian refugees coming to Worcestershire.

Derek Fearnside


EU exit won’t end job losses

SIR – So the EU “in” campaign” keeps on shouting about leaving the EU will mean job loses?

Well, we are in the EU, now, yet have seen 40,000 steel jobs on the line? BHS has gone into administration with 11,000 jobs at risk?, as has menswear retailer Austin Reed with 1,200 jobs at risk?

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!!

So would Mr Cameron and all those like to run “job losses” past us again?



Refugee call was correct

SIR – I feel that Worcestershire County Council has made the right compassionate decision to host 50 desperate Syrian refugees, after initially refusing 12 last year.

It would have been unfair on rate payers to bear the cost, in view of the fact that we ourselves have had to accept so many cut backs. By placing the cost now on the government, at least it will fall only on taxpayers.

We would not be human if we turned a blind eye to these poor refugees who have suffered so much, but as it is said “charity begins at home” our government has forced us into building so many houses, with little plans for the future on how doctors’ surgeries and schools will cope, and likewise the ever increasing traffic on already over loaded roads,bearing in mind that every new house, on average, means another two cars.

It is to be hoped that the powers that be will ensure no more immigrants are allowed into the county, as under the present circumstances it will be difficult enough coping with our own population.



UK abuses animals too

SIR – Carole Roberts is right to be concerned about the cruelty to captive polar bears in Russia.

 Sadly, however, the abuse of wild animals in captivity doesn’t just occur in other countries.

 Here in the UK, animals in conventional zoos, and even in safari parks, are kept in enclosures on average 100 times smaller than their minimum home range in the wild and such establishments exist primarily for profit rather than conservation.

Habitat destruction is the biggest threat to wild animals and protection of their natural habitat is the most important way of saving them. Instead of members of the public paying to gawp at animals in zoos and circuses, their money would be of much greater benefit to wildlife if donated to organisations like Care for the Wild and the Born Free Foundation, which work to protect animals and their habitats in the wild.

Peter Talbot