SIR – Thanks First Worcestershire!

I’ve just had to tell my disabled wife that the next time we need to go to the Worcester Royal, we will have to take not one bus from St John’s (like we used to), but two!

Getting to and from the nearest bus stop has been manageable. However, having to get from the number 31 bus stop (in the bus station) to wherever the number 38 bus stops is quite frankly ridiculous and will cause my wife much distress the next time we have to make this trip, when going to the hospital is stressful enough as it is!

How does this encourage people to use public transport?

So thank you again First Worcestershire, really bright idea!


St John’s, Worcester

A vote to save our land

SIR, Well here it is, almost June and we the British are being given the chance to vote. To try to save our land and culture, although such damage has already been done by being in this EU. I really think it is too late. I was born in the war years, it was so different in those early days. I see our once green fields being turned into concrete, trees being cut down, that were there for 50-100 years and they seem to have a thing about roundabouts. They are all over the place, it’s looking a shambles.



It’s better as a vegetarian

SIR – I was pleased to read that an angler who caught fish illegally in Severn Stoke has been ordered to pay nearly £600 (“Angler illegally fished in river “, Worcester News, May 13).

However, there is no place in a so-called civilised society for any form of angling.

Fish are sensitive, aware creatures, who experience pain, and there is nothing sporting about spearing living animals on a hook, dragging them out of the water and leaving them struggling for life as they suffocate.

Nor is there a need for fish to be caught and killed for food, as we can all live healthily without consuming them or any other animals or animal products.

Thankfully, an increasing number of people are becoming vegan or vegetarian and many others are reducing their consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy out of concern for animals, the environment or their own health.

Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies exists to help people switch to a more humane diet and lifestyle and we can be contacted at on 01562 700043 or via our website at

Ronald Lee

Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies

How many migrants?

SIR – Educating children of EU migrants costs our schools £3.2 BILLION a year, it has been revealed. The bill has almost doubled within a decade as the influx eats cash meant for classroom improvements, more staff and books.

Yet is it any wonder? Last year 800,000 migrants arrived on these shores, yet the official estimate was 265,000. The government is lying through its teeth to blinker the public to the true number of incomers.

Every official immigration figure for years was a vast under-estimate. All migrants need a house to live, medical care and school places for children, and most of them take low-paid jobs, which forces wages down!