SIR – How can the county council be so shortsighted as to propose only a single platform on the Cotswold Line at Norton Parkway? If the Cotswold Line bridge over the Birmingham-Bristol line is to be single track, it will be more than shortsighted: it will be wilfully prodigal of the considerable extra expense of redoubling this line in due course. The only current obstacle to doubling it is the lack of space for a new Up platform at Pershore: when that problem is solved, as it will be, the whole line from Evesham to Norton Junction needs to be doubled – and pretty foolish all involved will look if a wider bridge then has to be built at Norton Parkway.

PC Thompson


Party was a great success

SIR – On Sunday June 12,residents of Homenash House, with others from neighbouring properties,were invited by the residents of St George’s Square Worcester, to join them at their street party, in celebration of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday. As is usual for events in “The Square” the whole street had been previously decorated.

At midday the organisers were faced with the problem of choosing to go ahead as planned or because of the inclement weather,transfer the proceeding indoors.Their decision to retire inside proved right as a short shower of rain did occur during the afternoon. Luckily, theirs is a strong relationship with the church, so the party was set up in The Magdelene Room.

Despite these problems,long tables were set up filling the entire hall, and the room looked fit for The Queen. An army of willing helpers waited on us and after the toast was made “To The Queen” followed by three cheers and the National Anthem, proceedings commenced and we were spoilt by what seemed an endless tea of sandwiches,cakes (which were more than enough), suitable liquid refreshment and finally strawberries and cream.

I am sure I speak for everyone present that the afternoon was a roaring success, and that a huge vote of thanks is due to all who made it possible.

Phil Pegler


LibDems still doing well

Sir - LibDems do indeed have a pulse, and it’s very strong.  So strong in fact that LibDems won more seats in the recent  local council elections in England than any other party.  The overall result across the country was a gain of 45 LibDem council seats (though none in Worcester).  The only other party to make an overall gain was UKIP who gained 25 seats.   The other parties lost seats:  the Greens lost 3 council seats overall, the Conservatives lost 48 seats and Labour lost 18 seats overall.   LibDem:    + 45  UKIP : + 25  Green: -   3  Conservative: - 48  Labour: - 18  Your report of the recent Council meeting was inaccurate in another respect.  In the tally of past councillors present you failed to mention Stuart Denlegh Maxwell.  He was a fellow councillor in Claines ward between 1990 and 1992, having defeated me by a mere 9 votes in the 1988 elections.

Liz Smith


Protect us from zoos

Sir - I was pleased to read that Worcester City Council have refused planning permission for a zoo on green belt land. Why do we want Wallabies on land off Droitwich Road? These exotic creatures pose a disease risk to our native British wildlife. Zoo’s can also pose a threat to visitor’s health. The ‘petting’ or children’s corners of zoos present a great potential for disease transmission. I fully support the Council’s decision.

Pauline Burgess


Why privatise bin rounds?

SIR – In recent times, am I the only person to be totally confused by politics and politicians. The EU Debate rages on, and both sides seem so sure of their arguments.

Closer to home, the issues around council decisions are just as confusing to me.

So I thought I would write to your paper to ask a question that might help me understand politics better, in the hope that someone out there will respond with a clear simple explanation.

It is this. Why is it better to privatise bin collections? – in fact how is it possible to make a profit from it – if it continued as well as it’s done now by the council.

John Skidmore


Scala for big movies

SIR – Nice to see in your Nostalgia series a photo of the Scala Theatre under alteration.

My mother told me that the Peacock statues in the alcoves near the ceiling were constructed so that the tail feathers illuminated during intervals and the start of the films, and finish of some.

The Scala was the first cinema in the area to have ‘Cinemascope’ allowing scope for the epic films and stereo sound. The first film to have been shown in this media was ‘The Robe’ starring Victor Mature (an early Sylvester Stallone look-alike) and Richard Burton. The first biblical epic to been shown in the media.

If one used the side exit, there was always a young person to put his/her foot in the door to get in free!

Mr J Badger


The end may be nigh...

SIR – As a lifelong working class village Christian (CE), if we do disappear into a ‘black hole’, as scientists tell us (15 June), I know from personal experience that heaven (and hell) awaits us, depending how we have lived this life. My dear Jehovah’s witness friend, (I’ve known him for 36 years) believes in Armageddon coming soon.

George Cowley