Sir – On the face of it, the university plan for a new £100 million development on land by Oldbury Road and Laugherne Brook seems a good thing.

But no doubt the residents of that area will think differently.

If the present campus is taken as an example,where students are charged too much for parking,and consequently plague local roads instead, infuriating local residents, what can one expect if the new one is constructed? Chaos, and frustration as roads get overloaded with students’ cars. The artist impression shown in the local papers to me looks as if car spaces would be at a minimum.

Whatever the final plan becomes, I trust Councillor Udall and the entire city council will get this sorted before it is too late.Then the local residents might not find they have more difficulty than now to park near to their homes.Will Worcester’s powers to be never learn from the trouble at the original site and The Worcestershire Royal Hospital, to name but two?

Yes, I think that the plan for a new campus is good,but this is 2016 where cars seem to be a necessity to some, possibly partly due to an unreliable bus service.The parking facilities at the proposed new campus need to be sorted now and not left till it is too late.

Phil Pegler


Let’s all make Brexit work

Sir – Older people are blamed for the nation’s Brexit decision. Was not the referendum date too close to the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme? Most families had relatives affected by that battle, whether dying or enduring years of suffering through appalling injuries.

We have Brexit, let us make it work. There is no room for doubters, only people with positive contributions to make.

We stood alone in 1940 and other nations joined us and we won. We know the scene is no longer Europe but worldwide. Let us develop these markets. We have the brains and skills, let Theresa May’s government give the support.

Graham Russell


Pick the right airport

SIR – A second runway at Gatwick would not only cost less but also cause less damage to the quality of life to a far fewer number of people than the Heathrow option.

I hope that when he makes his submission to the relevant minister that he bears this in mind.

Clive Smith


Strangling a golden goose

Sir – You quote the current owners as citing the “recent economic climate” as the reason for its latest pub closure.

Other pubs are flourishing; could it not instead have been their greed in trying to extort from the previous incumbent more of a golden egg than the goose could lay?

Nevill Swanson


More animal experiments

Sir – The latest Home Office statistics show yet another rise in the number of animals used in British laboratories - 4.14 million last year. This number includes 4,643 dogs, 3,600 monkeys and 8,365 horses and has risen every year for at least the last 25 years.

Our MP Harriett Baldwin has assured me on several occasions that this government is committed to the three Rs –Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of animals in research but it is obviously not working despite the abundance of alternative research methods.

A major problem is that alternative methods have difficulty attracting funding precisely because they are not animal-based and are therefore seen as an unknown quantity.

You might think this is what science is about but it appears scientists are as reluctant to accept change as the rest of us.

Roberta Balfour

Animal Aid, Malvern