DEAR Editor – It’s been a disappointment to see so many people misuse the war memorial that stands outside the cathedral as a park bench.

I have suggested in past letters that this overt and blatant lack of respect for our war dead could be easily resolved by placing a polite notice by the cathedral.

Perhaps the cathedral could spare money for a sign to remind people of sacrilegious act their committing.

A small a placard would allow these ignorant people to understand that millions of people sacrificed their lives for their freedoms.

How demoralising and shameful it is that some people treat this memorial with such contempt.

This is made all the more disappointing during Armed Forces week that the memorial should be a target for these type of people to eat their lunch on, leaving their litter and mess in the process.

What a pity our glorious dead are not shown the respect they rightly deserve.

Joe Amos