DEAR editor  – Between 2010-20 the MP for Worcester voted 20 times against measures to prevent climate change, according to

Heat records are usually broken by tenths of a degree, yet the Canadian heat record has just been broken three days in a row by a margin of 4.6C.

Climate change models project that combinations of heat and humidity could reach deadly thresholds for anyone spending several hours outdoors by the end of the 21st century.

However, new research says these extremes are already happening. 

The UK Climate Change Committee’s progress report states that the government is badly off target for achieving its 2035 decarbonisation goals – only 13 per cent on track and around 87 per cent falling behind or at risk of falling behind.

We need to be represented by people who understand the seriousness of the threat we all face.

Marjory Bisset, Matthew Jenkins, Neil Laurenson, Karen Lewing and Louis Stephen 

Worcester Green Party