SIR - People often ask why politicians can't work together for the common good. We all tried this about wheelie bins.

It would have been easy for Conservatives to introduce the bins without much effort to recycle more - even easier to attack them as "the Labour Government's bins."

After all, we must use wheeled bins to meet government recycling targets. But we did not try to take party political advantage. We co-operated with all political groups to make recycling work and do our share of planet saving.

Worcester residents have worked hard too. Reachingnear to the 40 per cent target is a considerable achievement.

Labour councillor Paul Denham chaired the working party which recommended fortnightly collections. Amazingly, the Arboretum ward Labour candidate has suggested the whole of the Arboretum should go back to waste collection using sacks. Councillor Denham has cynically written to thousands of residents promising that a vote for Labour on May 1 means they will get a weekly food waste collection. Residents will note that he does not mention any cost. This is not surprising. Professional waste officers estimate the cost at £600,000 for a citywide collection.