Even after 13 years the attitudes of Harriet Baldwin and her Tory colleagues have the power to shock and appall me.

Mrs Baldwin expects us to admire her party's complacent willingness to accept a further 15 years of sewage discharges, while the privatised companies they wrong-headedly foisted on us years ago continue to pay huge salaries and dividends, largely because they have consistently failed to reinvest their vast profits in modernising their infrastructure. 

Unlike other privatisations we cannot exercise a choice to switch to alternative providers to express our disgust in this case.

But Mrs Baldwin has the effrontery to criticise other parties because they like us considered 15 years an unacceptable delay in cleaning up our despoiled rivers and beaches. 

One wonders how many Tories hold profitable shares in our wretched water and sewerage companies.

I hope many Malvern readers will agree with me that we cannot get rid of this ghastly government soon enough. 

I am 75 and have never known such an appalling bunch.

Steve Smart
Teme Avenue