"I wanted to convey my utmost pride at our NHS the other day when they rescued me off the floor of the bathroom where I knocked a few teeth out and was very poorly indeed.

"I was very, very supported by the paramedics who arrived within 10 minutes and they strapped me to all contraptions and took me off to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where I waited in an ambulance for 5 minutes (we were warned longer but no 5 minutes).

"Then taken to A&E where I received the utmost care and devotion to duty I could possibly ask for.

"The reason for this letter is to appeal to everyone, please save our NHS. 

"They are the most dedicated workers amongst us. 

"What on earth would we do without it? 

"I and people of my age have been served by the NHS since birth.   

"Please, please save it for future generations and pay them a proper wage, a wage they deserve wholeheartedly.

"Remember you never know when you are likely to need help!"

Jackie Hollis