Our family have lived in Evesham for the last 27 years, I am simply a resident.
During that time we have watched the town appearance change for the worse. 

Many Evesham people tell us how vibrant the town used to be. It has not been so for a long time now therefore.

If I vote Conservative there is no development funding due to the ultra safe power that the Conservatives have at all levels of local and national government, our MP has been a Conservative for all the time I can remember, witness the latest levelling Up Fund application. 

If I vote Labour in a general election, there is no investment, because Evesham is never returned for the Labour Party and therefore any central funding initiatives do not come here.

My sense is that things will only change if the people of Evesham stop being so predictable at the ballot box and make a conscious effort to change things, it is our taxes that are being spent.

I write on the basis that I care about Evesham and not about the fortunes of either political party referred to, this is only politically motivated in as much as townspeople need to see deeds and not words from their politicians, there needs to be a plan that is acted upon. 

For 27 years and more we have had words and only unkept promises.

Bruce Taylor