Dear Editor

Last weekend saw widespread action by those concerned about the climate crisis, in a series of events styled ‘The Big One’. 

Despite the pleas of David Attenborough in his recent TV series on the threats to our Planet – and of many other observers – the Government is still promoting the search for more fossil fuels. 

It continues to subsidise the fossil fuel industry, to the tune of £20bn more since 2015 than its support for cheaper renewable energy. 

It has now opened a new round of licensing for exploration in the North Sea, with nearly 900 locations being offered, and more than 100 licenses set to be awarded. 

This is in the face of the International Energy Authority saying ‘No new fossil fuel developments needed or safe’. The better way would be encouraging local solar and wind-farms which could then supply our communities directly with cheaper and safer energy.

This action by Government and the fossil fuel companies is something which people of faith might style as demonic. 

It is a force of evil which seems to lack all understanding and sensitivity to the prevailing wisdom. And it will damage most those who have done least to cause the climate crisis.

Perhaps readers may let our local MPs know of their concerns. All of them vote with a Government which seems hell-bent on creating a dangerous and miserable future for today’s children and young people.

Revd David Haslam