SIR – Regarding your report in Worcester News concerning Sequai Ledbury I feel I must congratulate West Mercia police for their perseverance over at least 10 years – and I don’t know how many man hours – in finally bringing to court and obtaining a four-year jail term for a man who had the audacity to protest against animal cruelty.

The process must have cost many thousands of pounds. Of course it would be churlish of us taxpayers to expect the same devoted service when we have to tolerate yobs on street corners, cars vandalised, old aged pensioners beaten up by young children, murderers and rapists getting away with two-year prison sentences. The list goes on.

Oh, that someone would tell me where I could get such influence and power in order to put a stop to the pro-animal torturing lobby. Perhaps some policeman will enlighten me in your columns.

HELEN SMART, Worcester.