SIR – In response to Penny Burgess’ letter (June 30), there are two sides to every story and it is wrong of her to judge my husband, Vaughan Hencher, and his motives for supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The support given to us by the BHF in the last two years since Vaughan suffered his heart attack, aged only 46, has been much appreciated and beyond value to us and our children. He is proud to be able to offer something back in return by taking part in their charity bike ride this Sunday.

I have no idea how the emergency treatment he received, a stent, was developed but the whole family is thankful that it was available at that time. Vaughan and all the members of his local cardiac support group would share that opinion. Would Ms Burgess be urging a member of her family to decline treatment in that situation? I doubt it very much.