SIR – M Jones (January 1) made a poor attempt at continuing the flawed arguments against hunting.

The use of emotive language and lurid allegations, clearly well past their sell-by date should cease if only to prevent further embarrassing the anti-hunting movement.

Since the Hunting Act of 2004 (not 2005 as M Jones incorrectly states) there has been a huge increase in support. Many more people have come to appreciate the important contribution hunting has always made to the rural community, conserving the countryside and managing wildlife.

The hunting ban was never about animal welfare. It was a return to a class war so fundamental to old Labour that even Tony Blair dared not stand in the way of such a muddled unworkable law. This fact was openly admitted to by the main architect of the Hunting Bill, Peter Bradley MP.

After spending millions of pounds, working thousands of hours and misleading a few hundred Labour politicians, the animal rights brigade have failed to destroy hunting. With a sound infrastructure and ever growing support the future of hunting looks good and repeal of the ban is now clearly inevitable.