SIR – The letters (January 17) from Helen Smart, Coun Alan Amos and Pauline Burgess raised a few points on which the anti-hunting argument now perilously hangs. This trio of authors ably demonstrated the fragility of the case against hunting and the prejudiced views which attempt to sustain it.

Ms Smart asked me: “What class has to do with hunting?”. This question was perfectly answered by Coun Amos who said all hunt followers were “county-set snobs”. He fails to understand that hunting embraces people from all walks of life and so-called class counts for nothing.

If Coun Amos and friends believe shouting toff and snob can win a debate then perhaps they should try the playground.

The misleading claim that 75 per cent of people support the hunting ban is based on a flawed poll. This poll was condemned by the industry watchdog, the British Polling Council.

An earlier and independent poll for the BBC showed that less than half actually supported such a ban.

Hunting continues to grow in popularity as more people see what is actually involved.

The anti-hunting brigade spent millions on spin and propaganda but it lacked one vital ingredient, the truth.

Jon Burgess,