SIR – I refer to the letter from Linda Granville: “I want what is best for foxes and deer”. What complete nonsense! I do indeed proudly belong to the group that Ms Granville refers to as the anti-hunting brigade, along with the great majority of the population of the UK.

Her reasoning is unsound, simplistic and based on traditional misconceptions. Her main premise is not founded in fact even though it may superficially appear logical to her. It is both simplistic and untrue. She states that: “foxes need culling because they have no natural predator.” From the point of view of an ecologist such as myself, or indeed any reasonably informed naturalist, such a statement is a nonsense. Does she seriously suggest that such as peregrine falcons, mountain lynx and polar bears require urgent culling? These species have no natural predators, (except man who has done them serious damage in the past in the name of sport), and yet do not seem to be running riot in their respective environments.

The truth is that none of our wild populations of animals will over-proliferate. Indeed cruel “culling” in the name of sport is simply an attempt to justify a primitive blood-lust that our less well informed ancestors can be excused for but we should not tolerate. Hunting is traditional but then so was bear-baiting, badger-baiting, slavery and gladiatorial slaughter.

Chris Caligari,