SIR – The letter from John Bryant (Facts about the league will be set straight – February 16) could not be more misleading.

As one of those former chief executives of the League Against Cruel Sports who had a change of heart about hunting with dogs, I must point out the serious errors.

Four, not two, former directors have said that a hunting ban is wrong. The league did not ask for my resignation. I and others on the paid staff walked out after realising that animal welfare was secondary to the ‘Holy Grail’ of banning hunting. However, all this should not distract attention away from the failings of the Hunting Act, which after four years has been shown to be unprincipled, unnatural, unenforcable and detrimental to animal welfare. Mr Bryant and other anti-hunting campaigners forget that it is their drafting that has caused this problem. After decades of campaigning, millions spent, numerous Bills and debates, they still got it wrong. The way forward must be to repeal the Hunting Act and then find a fair resolution with a genuine animal welfare aim.

James Barrington,
Animal welfare consultant,