SIR – So Jon Burgess thinks he and his cruel friends should be the only ones to be allowed to keep airing their views about fox hunting?

Why bring Alan Amos and John Buckley into it. They have nothing to do with the question.

I notice he doesn’t mention the whole point of my letter, which was the fact that fox hunting cannot be policed and therefore, as they said they would, the hunters are probably still at it.

The thrill of galloping over the countryside on horseback on a crisp English morning is very easy to understand, but they don’t seem to be able to enjoy it without killing something at the end of it.

Everyone knows there are more foxes living in urban areas than in the country and that more foxes are killed on the roads than by huntsmen, so stop trying to make yourselves look like you are doing a public service and admit you do it for pleasure!

How is it that deer hunting and hare coursing were abolished by the Act but fox hunting still goes on?