SIR – The latest anti-hunting comments by John Shearon (Worcester News, letters, April 23) are more fiction than fact. Could Mr Shearon name the government ministers he claims want to lift the hunting ban?

Our government is rather busy letting the country go to the dogs to have ministers worrying about hunting with hounds at the moment.

Mr Shearon’s statement, “the majority think fox hunting is cruel”, is standard animal rights spin, tenuously based on a discredited opinion poll. The notion of hunting the urban fox and riding through growing crops shows beyond doubt just how little Mr Shearon really knows about a subject he feels inclined to comment on so often.

Claiming that everyone who follows hunting is cruel leaves Mr Shearon open to accusations of prejudice, as it is doubtful that he has met any of the people, including the doctors, teachers, nurses, midwives and vets who take part or support this way of life.