SIR – In response to Jon Burgess’ letter (April 27) ‘Repeal of the Act needed immediately’, I think it is worth pointing out that the League Against Cruel Sports’ decision to discontinue with our prosecution against huntsmen from the Isle of Wight does not indicate a flaw in the Hunting Act but was in fact a decision which was taken after much legal deliberation.

The decision to drop this particular case was taken because although the evidence had originally been of sufficient quality and quantity, this was no longer the case following the recent High Court judgment. The ruling introduced a new criteria in presenting evidence which did not exist when this particular case was brought. The league felt that it would be wrong to pursue a prosecution where the defendants would be disadvantaged by the new criteria.

The Hunting Act is not a failure but a robust piece of legislation – it’s time the minority who enjoy chasing and killing animals for sport accepted this.

Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports.