SIR – In reply to M Robinson (Letters, June 29) I used the term “puerile nonsense” in regard to part of Mr Robinson’s previous letter because he appeared to be blaming falcons in the same way as another contributor described seagulls as vile.

I have referred before to the fact that although millions of life forms have appeared on Planet Earth during the last billion years, it has been given to only one very recent arrival to know the difference between right and wrong. Therefore only this primary life form can be “blameworthy”. The rest are creatures of instinct.

As I have previously indicated, I am opposed to humans shooting pheasants and game for pleasure.

Nevertheless, I am a realist and am well aware that culling of a particular species becomes necessary, sometimes to prevent another life form coming near to extinction.

However, one family of falcons, in one particular area, is a cause for marvelling not culling.