SIR – May I echo the sentiments of Louis Stephen (“Animal welfare is an important part of the Green Party manifesto,” Letters, November 21).

At election time this year, an analysis done by Protecting Animals in Democracy showed that the Green Party’s MEPs scored joint best, with Plaid Cymru, on animal rights.

The analysis cited the Green Party’s leader Caroline Lucas MEP as being “especially active for animals and helps to table pro-animal laws. The Green group is now an influential force in the European Parliament, and UK Greens can rally their colleagues to help make a major difference for animals.”

It noted that the Euro-manifestos for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives did not mention animal protection as an issue at all. In September, Caroline Lucas was named the new president of the European Parliament’s cross-party Animal Welfare Intergroup, having played a key role in the creation of legislation to ban the sale of cat and dog fur in the EU, and in the recent ban on the import of seal products.

Elected Greens are indeed having a major impact on animal welfare legislation – not spin and soundbite, but an integral part of our policy.

Chris Lennard
Worcester Green Party