SIR – Louis Stephen of Worcester Green Party (Letters, November 21) and I will continue to differ on Labour’s failed Hunting Act.

Where we do appear to agree is putting right the Labour government’s total failure in dealing with the countryside. Labour has stood by while rural post offices, shops and schools have closed and essential services such as the police have retreated to the major towns. A productive and well-conserved countryside is good for Britain, not just rural people. Since 1997 Labour has stood by while dairy farming has almost collapsed due to cheap imports and financial returns often less than the cost of production.

There have also been two foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks. Labour fails understand the countryside so distrust and dislike are the order of the day. This is illustrated by the MP visiting a dairy farm who turned up without wellingtons and the Labour MP trying to ban hunting who didn’t know the difference between a rabbit and a hare.

Jon Burgess