SIR – I have always admired people who are principled.

Shame on the Worcester Wolves. There are two Skousons. All my son, Skouson Hicken Harker has wanted to be is a basketball player. When he took his stand against bullies and racism he effectively ended his chance to keep pursuing his love – at least in Britain.

When he was born we named him after the other Skouson – his grandfather Howard Skouson Hicken. We hoped carrying this name would encourage him to emulate some of his grandfather’s qualities. Skouson took his stand in Worcester on a basketball court. Although on different sizes of stages, they have never been more alike.

His grandfather voluntarily left his small rural Canadian home in the 40s. He took his stand stationed at Linton-on-Ouse over the skies of Germany.

One Skouson was fired and one was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.


A proud father,

Bruce Z Harker,
Raymond, Alberta,