SIR – Helen Smart (Letters, January 8) continues her vitriolic attack on hunting and country people.

As usual, rather than debating the facts of the matter, Ms Smart merely voices her prejudiced views on the subject. However, I must admit the immature remarks about “pink coats” and “big horses” do add a little humour to her correspondence.

On Boxing Day in the sparsely populated county of Herefordshire more people were out supporting their local hunt than make up the national membership of the anti-hunting League Against Cruel Sports. Everyone knows the hunting community is determined to get the Hunting Act repealed, so any individual who supports the ban would never attend a Boxing Day meet.

The Hunting Act has not only failed but it has greatly diminished animal welfare. It was also a warning of how this cynical and underhand Labour government operates. Just how rotten they really are is being exposed as the Iraq war inquiry unfolds. For more than 12 years Labour has ruled us with contempt rather than consent. It’s time they showed some humility and called a general election.

Jon Burgess