SIR – Full marks to Louise Robertson of League Against Cruel Sports for speaking out against the irresponsible behaviour of Worcestershire Hunt staff.

The crude attempt to round up a dozen foxhounds, running amok through front gardens after a fox, does not excuse the havoc which should have been prevented.

If hounds starting to chase a passing fox were immediately called off, Droitwich residents would have been spared such a dangerous situation. As one of them pointed out, allowing hounds to chase a fox is illegal, and as Louise Robertson points out, hounds worrying a fox to death can be very distressing for people to have to witness – not to mention the danger to young children, pets or road users if the hounds had run on the street.

Where was the ‘trail’ laid and what does David Parker mean by ‘exercise?’ There have been too many reports of suspect hunt activity for the excuses of ‘accidental’ fox hunting to be acceptable.

The Hunting Act is not “absurd” when it has been upheld by the European Court of High Rights, 80 and more individuals have been convicted under it and 75 per cent of the population, including 62 per cent of Conservative voters, support it. Hopefully voters at the general election will make it clear that they expect the ban on live animal hunting to remain in force.

Stockport, Cheshire