SIR – Again we see in the Worcester News – letters page of Thursday, January 28 – another completely un-educated comment from the ranks of the totally out-of-touch public servants regarding the hunting debate. Who from this time you ask? None other than Councillor Alan Amos – you remember him and his faux pas – the idea of twinning the Faithful City with a war-torn Middle Eastern country.

He uses words such as “county snobs, obsessed and grotesque” to make his point.

What I really do find offensive, Mr Amos, is the way you say: “If a working class kid had been responsible he would be in court by now, wouldn’t he?”. For your information Coun Amos, I am and always will be a working class kid (raised in the very ward you serve) and I hunt and support hunting, and no one will take that away from me.

If you have never experienced something, how can you consider yourself to be suitably qualified to have any sort of useful contribution to make?

Mr and Mrs T Shenton
(hunting in Costswold Vale farmers’country)