sir – Labour Councillor Alan Amos (Letters, January 28) accuses the Worcestershire Hunt of breaking the Hunting Act. He also claimed the police are conspiring to allow this to happen.

Councillor Amos must now produce his evidence so action may be taken by the authorities. Should he fail to do so he must consider apologising to the chief constable.

Councillor Amos continued his attack on hunting, referring to “county set snobs” and voicing a great dislike of the Tory party. However, as a Conservative MP for the very rural and well hunted Hexham Constituency in Northumberland between 1987 and 1992 he never seemed concerned about hunting, or “county set snobs” for that matter.

The Hunting Act has failed, with many Labour MPs admitting to this fact. It was branded “a notorious example of bad government” by Labour’s own report into the reform of Parliament. Councillor Amos deserves some admiration for supporting such a hopeless cause but his unfounded allegation and prejudiced remarks will leave many worried about his political judgement.

Jon Burgess