Sir – Wendy Hands (Letters, March 2) complains about a few people watching trail hunting from the verge of a country road.

From what Ms Hands describes, the hunt followers had parked their vehicles on the grass keeping the lane clear for other road users and the riders were also avoiding any traffic.

This small group hardly caused the gridlock which follows major football matches or pop concerts. Car boot sales are well-known locally for causing congestion. It may be a little inconvenient but the roads are for everyone, not just those we agree with.

As for a little mud, that’s something that we tend to find in the countryside, the next rain shower and it’s gone. Hoof marks do the grass verge no harm. Conservationists actually encourage livestock to trample or poach the ground to improve the habitat.

I’m confused why Ms Hands calls hunting people “anti-social”. Just recently she claimed to know two hunt followers and said they were “the most personable people I know”. Perhaps she could explain this glaring contradiction.

Jon Burgess