SIR – Thank you Jon Burgess for responding to my letter. Firstly, I would just like to ask how can I be stuck in the Edwardian era when all I want to do is move forward with the lost tradition know as fox hunting? Hunting has gone on for centuries – as far back as ancient Egypt, where venery involved using scent-hounds to track prey.

The origins of UK hunting date back to the 16th century where royalty introduced a greater fox population for recreation. Only royals were allowed to hunt. If this isn’t stuck in a time warp, then I stand corrected.

Secondly, the Hunting Bill received royal assent on November 18, 2004. The final pass was on February 18, 2005, but is known as the Hunting Act 2004.

Lastly, I am not being prejudiced, I am merely stating fact. I am aware that there is a mixed class system within a modern hunt but the very core of hunting was from the upper class. It was they who made the fox population a problem. I conclude with one question: Who is the biggest pest – animal or human?

Luke Gregg