SIR – Worcester Green Party candidate Louis Stephens (Letters March 12) has some interesting ideas on how we produce our food and conserve the countryside.

Well intentioned, but naive, they unfortunately lack the necessary joined-up thinking needed, leaving many people to wonder what experience Mr Stephen has to comment seriously on rural matters.

The Green Party declare they will end “factory farming”. Well, we already have some of the highest standards of farm animal welfare in the world. Preventing imports of cheap low welfare meat before tightening our farm regulations is a must.

If not, livestock farming will end in this country and the consumer will eventually pay with their health and hard-earned cash.

The Green Party policy on animal welfare demands a ban on all hunting and shooting and eventually an end to angling. Country sports employ tens of thousands, contributing millions of pounds to conservation, and put billions of pounds into the economy. If the Greens get their way the taxpayer, our countryside and wildlife will all be a lot poorer.

Jon Burgess