SIR – I reply to P Hines’ letter (April 7).

I like the way you use your hunting propaganda to justify your beliefs. In such an enlightened time we can dismiss the views of those who hunt for sport as irrelevant and self-interested.

Go to YouTube and watch some fox-hunting footage. You will soon learn that a fox is not killed instantly by a ‘nip to the back of the neck’. Dogs do not kill in this way – they bring down their prey by a series of bites and tears.

Foxhounds are bred to run more slowly than the fox to keep a good chase. The fox will endure a long and terrifying panic of being chased and will soon become weak, before being overtaken by the hounds.

Michael Foster represented all his voters. The rural county has a mixture of both anti-hunting folk and hunt supporters. Even Worcestershire folk who grew up in the country can be against it. By saying that anti’s are a minority is just a way for you to justify yourself.