SIR – From his latest letter (April 29) Luke Gregg is still confused over his objections to hunting, but accepts his knowledge of hunting is very limited.

Mr Gregg misconstrued my statement that “politicians will destroy centuries of work”. I was referring to the massive conservation work carried out by hunting and field sports. Science continues to endorse the fact that we disregard it at the peril of our countryside and wildlife. Mr Gregg made some laughable accusations over hunting that even the most vociferous of anti hunting groups would never claim.

He states that 6,000 hounds are killed per season. As there are only about 13,000 fox hounds, his figures are untenable. He claims that hunting costs £15 million in vets’ fees. How does he arrive at this sum? Would he refuse horses or hounds treatment?

As for the cost of policing hunting being more than £1 million per season, well, Mr Gregg should send the bill to the the violent hunt saboteurs as they need the police to control them.

Jon Burgess