SIR – Tim Palmer (Letters, April 30) complains about the lengthy hunting debate in the Worcester News, then joins in.

He claims to have fully experienced hunting then admits his knowledge is gained from the internet.

Just because it’s on the web doesn’t mean it’s correct. According to Mr Palmer, hunting is totally uncivilised. If this is true then how come the great democracies of Canada, India, Australia, France, New Zealand and the USA see no reason to ban it?

Mr Palmer agrees the fox requires proper control but sadly claims trapping is the best method. This shows a great disregard for animal welfare. A healthy fox will generally escape hounds but it will certainly fall victim to a baited steel trap. It would be held for up to 24 hours, in an alien environment, under extreme stress. But according to Mr Palmer this is humane treatment.

Hunting removes sick, injured and old foxes that face a slow, painful death, leaving an acceptable, healthy, well-dispersed population that is little problem to farming.

Jon Burgess