SIR – Pauline Burgess (Letters, June 4) criticises our livestock farmers with her attack on the Open Farm Sunday events held in May.

Her objection to rearing farm animals comes perhaps more from a desire to impose a vegan diet on us all than improving animal welfare.

Before denigrating British farmers Ms Burgess would do better to insist that any meat, poultry and dairy imports are produced to our exacting standards of welfare and hygiene.

This country has the highest standards of farm animal welfare in the world. Livestock markets and transport are overseen by trading standards officers and independently checked by RSPCA inspectors. Abattoirs are monitored by both the animal health and food standards agencies. The health, welfare, bio-security and traceability of farm animals is paramount to the retailer and consumer. British farmers, overseen by the Government, are delivering this on demand.

If you enjoy the vegan lifestyle then carry on, but please don’t insist that the rest of us have to do without the occasional Sunday roast.

Jon Burgess