SIR – Like Mark Tully says, (Letters, Friday, June 11) I do feel for the little girls who were attacked by a fox in London. It must have been a horrible and terrifying event. But, as for giving the fox a bad name, on this rare and isolated event, it’s another form of tabloid propaganda for people such as Mr Tully to justify his reasons for hunting for sport. The only other two incidents that I know of in the last eight years where a fox attacked a human were in 2008, in which a jogger was attacked and bitten by a rabid fox in the US, and in 2002, where a 14-week-old baby was attacked in a house in Dartford, Kent.

Most foxes are naturally wary of humans. Sometimes, like people, I think the animal’s mind just snaps and so they attack out of pure instinct (usually out of fear).

L Gregg