SIR – Don’t expect me to apologise to any of the farmers I have had to deal with, Mr Burgess.

Why should I apologise to the farmer who left a sheep which had a deformity in its legs get foot rot so bad that it couldn’t stand so couldn’t get food or water for days; or the farmer who left a sick sheep to die in the mud one cold winter day; or the farmer who left a dog locked up in a filthy dark shed with an infected leg with little food or water.

The list is endless. All these cases were either reported to Defra or the RSPCA. The lame sheep was reported by no less than three people.

The farmers involved still continue to abuse their animals.

Eventually, when there are no farm animals in a vegan world, the Government won’t need to spend vast sums of money to cull badgers just to please the dairy industry. We might then be able to enjoy our British wildlife.