SIR – I have to reply to the: “We want you all to eat grass and GM-modified spuds brigade”.

However, the animal kingdoms they say they represent are actually a most cruel species.

Just this week I watched a documentary on the suburban fox. These animals they want to protect are among the most indiscriminate killers, taking anything they can – chickens five at a time but only partially eating one. Cats are no match for them as are many other domesticated pets.

In the wild is it OK for packs of wolves to hunt, or a pride of lions to bring down a defenceless zebra, antelope, or even take on elephants? No swift death there.

As to cattle being transported miles for slaughter, this came from the animal rights campaigners who without thinking had hundreds of local abattoirs closed.

And where are these protesters when they were challenged to demonstrate against halal slaughter.

So, come freely to graze my grass while I enjoy my steak or pork chop.

Brian Hunt