SIR – Simon McCulluogh (Letters, January 6) demands the Worcester News no longer reports on the hunt meetings over Christmas.

Those with an antihunting axe to grind would like to curtail the freedom of the Press and free speech to suit their agenda. Now Mr McCullough wants to change our whole democratic system just to keep the discredited Hunting Act (2004) in place.

Contrary to Mr McCullough’s claims, hunting using the exemptions within the Act is not illegal. If he has any evidence of hunting outside the law then he should contact the police.

Since 2005 there have been only six huntsmen convicted for contravening the Act, that’s one conviction for every 32,000 hunting days.

The other 150-something convictions are mostly for catching rats and rabbits.

The Hunting Act has been heavily criticised by judges and senior police officers, and many Labour MPs who voted for it now accept it is terminally flawed.

Mr McCullough is correct on one thing; our Worcestershire countryside is a very beautiful place but he must realise that country sports have helped create and maintain much of what he rightly admires.