SIR – Jon Burgess (Worcester News, January 14) didn’t read my original letter (Worcester News, January 6) properly.

The point I was trying to make was that hunt meets are deliberately manufactured around the general public as being nice affairs – and what more perfect time to do it than at Christmas?

If you see the video on the Worcester News website of the meet at the Raven Hotel in Droitwich, then you will surely see hunt propaganda at its best.

Before the ban, the Worcester News never published stories on the successful rescuing of a defenceless animal by activists.

The stories that you did see were the negative, such as activists being arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’.

Who disturbed the peace first? The hunt.

Why doesn’t the Worcester News publish the negative on hunts instead of praising them all of the time?

Why is it an offence to prevent cruelty to animals?

Why is it not an offence to gallop around the countryside, trespassing on people’s property and land with a pack of hounds and followers, pets being savaged, injury to their own animals, blocking of roads and just general snobbery and rudeness?