SIR – Mrs M Large (Letters, Monday, January 24) and I are in danger of agreeing with each other over hunting!

We both defend freedom of the press and the right to free speech. Neither of us are against anyone wearing clothes of their own choice.

Neither of us appear to disapprove of freedom of association or the right to live a traditional lifestyle.

I would also suggest Mrs Large supports conservation, animal welfare and the rights of indigenous people, like myself. We also both accept the Hunting Act (2004) is unlikely to be repealed anytime soon.

She is correct in saying the present Government has far more important things like the economy, the NHS and terrorism to fix before addressing the flawed hunting ban.

However, Mrs Large and I have to disagree over her allegations of cruelty.

After presiding over Labour’s inquiry into hunting, its chairman Lord Burns was asked if hunting was cruel. He replied “the short answer to that question is no”.