SIR – Mr [Jon] Burgess seems to have misundersttood my words (Worcester News, February 1).

My views are perfectly clear. I do not agree with the traditional lifestyle of the hunting fraternity.

Dressing up and socialising is fine but it is where it leads which is so disgusting and is something with which I will never agree.

I do not agree with their desire to inflict cruelty on a fox by chasing it with hounds.

I do not agree with them chasing a heavily pregnant fox and watching it being torn apart and her cubs being spilled out and also being pounced on by the hounds and being torn apart.

Obviously, this did not contribute to the welfare of that fox or her cubs.

I do agree with the freedom of the press providing the reporting is fair, unbiased and equal coverage given to both sides of any argument.

I repeat that 73 per cent of the public who were in favour of the ban would be very angered if the Government pandered to the 27 per cent who want to return to such diabolical behaviour.

I hope it is now clear, Mr Burgess, that you and I will never agree.

Lower Wick