SIR – In his latest antihunting correspondence (Worcester News, March 9), Mr [Simon] McCullough complains that I use scientific data, peer reviewed research and the testimony of wellregarded conservationists to support the continuation of hunting.

For his own reasons Mr McCullough chooses to disregard such clear factual evidence backed by numerous ex-League Against Cruel Sports personnel and an RSPCA chairman, but that is his privilege.

Mr McCullough believes there are too many loopholes in the Hunting Act. This legislation was drawn up by the finest minds the Labour party could muster but because they don’t understand the countryside they made a mess of it.

The result is animals are now suffering and an opportunity to legislate against cruelty was lost.

Our countryside is a managed environment and part of that includes controlling some species such as the fox.

Mr McCullough may refute this fact but there are people who do care enough to take the responsibility.

The phrase “general snobbery” has been used by Mr McCullough to describe hunting people.

No reasonable person could think this is anything other than a reference to ‘class’, an obsession that clearly drives the anti-hunting movement.