SIR – Both Roberta Balfour (Worcester News, March 11) and Geraldine Engel (Worcester News, March 12) are in a state of self-denial over over the criminal activity of hunt saboteurs and animal rights terrorists.

The following examples give some idea of the violent methods employed to terrorise law-abiding people.

In 2000 a kennel man, his pregnant wife and baby were attacked in their own home by 40 hunt saboteurs throwing bricks and stones, two police officers were also attacked and sprayed with CS gas.

In 2006 the body of an elderly lady was dug up from her grave, later four people were jailed for this crime.

In 2009 seven self-styled animal rights campaigners were jailed for up to 11 years for intimidation and blackmail. The list continues with nail and letter bombs, hit-and-run attacks and grievous bodily harm.

These are a fraction of the crimes and abuse suffered by ordinary people at the hands a tiny minority who not only believe animals rights are more important than anything else, including humans, but they are prepared to enforce their views with violence.