SIR – With regards to two recent letters ‘No more on hunting’ by George Smith (Worcester News, March 24) and ‘Lets talk daylight’ by John Norwood (Worcester News, March 25).

The letters page of the Worcester News enables people to express their views on all aspects of modern life.

Hunting is one of them.

Maybe you’d rather read about traffic lights, taxis and that controversial sculpture proposed for the motorway.

Although I am antihunting, I do agree that the pro-hunting fraternity is entitled to have its say.

What worries me, though, is that the online debate on this subject ( seems to have gone astray – ‘Sharpy’ and ‘New Kid On The Block’ seem to be the only pro-hunting folk adding comments merely to annoy.

Are they just trying to fill the pro-hunting comment gap?

There have been 19 letters about hunting (to date) since my original letter to the Worcester News on January 6.

There have also been 210 online comments but, of these, only 143 should be counted, with the rest (on both sides of the argument) being discounteddue to sarcasm and point- scoring.

In total there are 54 prohunting comments (37 per cent) and 89 antihunting comments (63 per cent). Need I say more?